W.T. Branton

Former special effects artist and business owner who has worked on over thirty films and television productions, W.T. Branton is a writer of fiction and instructor of theology in the Northshore of Louisiana, where he lives with his wife and two stepchildren. After designing products for entertainment giants such as Marvel Studios and HBO’s Game of Thrones, providing commentary for headliner publications such as Makeup Artist Magazine, Hollywood Reporter, and Huffington Post, he went on to expand his academic studies in the areas of philosophy and theology. He holds advanced degrees in fine arts and biblical theology, and currently teaches theology and world religious studies at Christ Episcopal School, St. Michael's Episcopal Church, and Christ Church Covington.

An immersive exploration into cultural anthropology and spiritual thought, combined with an artistic vision and mastery of the fantastic, informs his fiction with both a mystically enthralling atmosphere and a tangible naturalism that pulls the reader inside the story to experience it as though they are one of the characters. W.T. Branton regularly writes observationally philosophical articles with a cutting wit that all levels of readership can engage with on his blog [this one right here].