May 28, 2018

Rolling Ones (and Living With It)

Those of you who aren’t of the nerdly persuasion, the terms “rolling a one” and “rolling a twenty” colloquially refer to the usual effects that rolling a twenty-sided die in a tabletop role playing game has—a stroke of extremely bad or good luck or act of skill, respectively. While it’s becoming not only culturally acceptable to be a gaming nerd, but even respectable—thank you, the internet and Stranger Things—in the days when I was tossing around oddly shaped dice on a plank of plywood propped up on sawhorses in my friend’s backyard shed on Saturday nights, such a past time wasn’t considered dinner conversation, if you know what I mean. Nonetheless, there’s been all sorts of other phrases that we’ve used over time to represent inexplicable strokes of good or bad luck. If you’re having a great streak of luck, then everything is “coming up aces.” If things are going particularly crappy for you, then life is “giving you lemons.”

May 22, 2018

Proper Burial: FREE Sample Reading

Out of the goodness of my heart (and because I like to sell books), here's a sample of my new book, Proper Burial. I hope this whets your appetite for more mystery and madness.
(The doodles aren't in the book. They're just here on the website, for flavor.)
The story you are about to read I cannot personally verify through my own resources or faculties. It was told to me by another, altogether reliable party who swears to its authenticity as though he experienced it firsthand, although I must admit that I do not understand how he came to have such a detailed account given that he is wholly absent from the narrative himself. Nonetheless, I have written it down from a rather lengthy interview with him in which he provided almost all the particulars of a nearly omniscience quality.

These particulars were impressive enough that I assumed that he either was relating the intimate points of an actual event he was somehow privy to or that he was quite insane, but still weaving a thread that was fantastic enough that I dare not neglect recording it. There was an unusual mood about him though, almost as if the story held some personal interest for him, yet he always remained as emotionally detached as someone who was dictating a performance on a distant theater stage.

May 14, 2018

Proper Burial: a supernatural thriller about about battling inner (and outer) demons

How well do you really know your family history? What kind of skeletons did your relatives have in their closets? Are there secrets your own parents kept from you, secrets that could cost you your life?

Proper Burial is the story of Ashley Stonewall, an average thirty-two year old woman who doesn’t look for trouble, doesn’t crave adventure, and never sought out the details of her own past. However, on her thirty-third birthday, the dark secret of her bloodline finally seeks her out. In the derelict mansion of her long-dead recluse father, Ashley must follow the clues left by her recently deceased mother to traverse the ancient halls of her childhood home and uncover the mystery behind the strange events and haunting disturbances that plague her on her fateful birthday.

As Ashley learns that her destiny may have been planned for her centuries before she was born, you may ask yourself what was planned for you without your knowledge. What lies ahead in your future, and how will you survive it?